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Let me point out straight away that the heading has no relation to the contents of the text you are about to read.

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I came across the answer to this question in the glossary at the end of this excellent story- which one of İlhan's stories is not - entitled 'Stop Thieves'! It has been said that the question symbolises man's legitimacy but because it is uncertain when and which question will come and hang itself on the hooks of a person's mind one shouldn't look at every question as a means of legitimacy. For my own part I believe that rather than Jupiter, Venus is the world's closest friend. Whether it is because I am a gullible creature who still believes that 'everything will start with loving someone' or whether it is because Yusuf the most beautiful dwells there, I don't know.

It has been a longstanding fact that I have never felt an interest in statements such as the rules of writing a story, its limits; that it should be written like this. You can think like that but one day someone will come along and produce their example and succeed in convincing you that 'it can be written like this'.

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Especially if from the start you have believed in definitions such as 'fantastic, surrealistic and unreal, for stories like this every innovation will amaze and dumbfound you a few times. You can't get enough of The Dream Merchants' Chamber. As an unbelievably amazing, provocative, free, extremely uncontrollable unruly raider with an unrestrainedly imaginative ability she keeps driving her horse hither and thither from mountain to plain. You cannot keep up with her speed, her images, her abstractions, her word associations.

Wittgenstein says, "It is not how things are in the world that is mystical but that it exists". And just as well he says that because people still carry on believing that there is no mysticism even in positivism and disabled minds and in the hidden side of things. What kind of stubbornness is this that a lack of perception keeps on limiting a boundless world?

The root meaning of the word ' akl reason 'is to 'bind'.

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Bond, restriction, limit, to restrict, to put boundaries Within what sort of boundaries will existence be contained, in what sort of restrictions will it fit! Something cannot exist unless its existence is obligatory. I totally believe this fundamental. This strange story?

Kong-tse whom we know of as Confucius makes this comparison for Lao-tse. Man likes using references. The book opens with Lao-tse and ends with his ascendance to the heavens. The Master who says, "the Tao that can be told is not the eternal Tao. The name that can be named is not the eternal name", points to the "way".

Guenon talks about Fo-Hi before Lao-tse and says that he is the doctrine's secondary messenger. Lao-tse and Kong-tse are the tertiary messengers of the doctrine and they have also partially corrupted its contents. So with this İlhan realizes that she has started on a way. Furthermore she is conscious that the way is endless and unknown.

The mysticism and wonder are the proof of this. Things that seem like that do not mean that they are like that. I read this in an article by Ahmet Demirhan. He was talking about a doctor friend of his. He was in fact a childhood friend. Ahmet was never sure whether things were as they seem. The doctor would not accept this idea. He used to say, 'what do you mean, here we have a green tree, it looks like that and we see it as green. To cut it short, this argument went on and on.

Ahmet was content to quote this tragic incident. That's right, life continually plays tricks like these on us.

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On the one side the sadness of the doctor's death and on a different side Ahmet's statement confirmed by the death. Yes, the way that can be told is not the eternal way, the same applies to names.

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Philosophy is the art of naming things, however philosophers only considered death; the entire philosophy history is the hopelessness of thinking about death. This is really harmful to your well being, and therefore you should read between the lines of the dream in order to discover what exactly it refers to. Dreaming of yourself being in a gas chamber is the symbol of your feelings about being cut off something that matters to you in your life. If other people are in the gas chamber, something or someone in your life is advising and encouraging you to renounce some patterns of yours.

If you see a gas chamber in your dream, it means that you can encounter some worrying and injurious situations ahead, and you will probably get scared. You should confront your fear, and prepare to move on with a courageous attitude. A dream displaying a gas chamber could mirror your future in the sense that getting rid of fear both in the dream and reality should be a similar process. Learn from your dream, and try to renounce fear, just the way to did it in your dream. Skip to main content. Dream Dictionary A-Z Explore. Superstitions Dictionary Popular superstitions uncovered. Dream Dictionary Over 5, dreams analysed.

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