Deep Blue Sea

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Deep Blue Sea

At its most outrageous, Deep Blue Sea's clunky dialogue starts to dally at the edges of smartness; facility owner Sam Jackson's literally snigger-inducing tale of ancient horrors with its crowning punchline is a delicious subversion of Quint's USS Indianapolis speech from Jaws which acts as a template of in-jokery for Harlin , and the movie seems to be constantly waggling its B-movie tail as if to keep telling us, 'It's meant to be daft, okay? However, between some truly terrifying performances Burrows, chief meddler with nature, convinces on precisely no levels whatsoever , churning predictability and huge contrivance, much of the badness is just plain badness.

You're never entirely sure whether you're laughing at or with Deep Blue Sea. Harlin is, though, a director who can pace and co-ordinate action. The set-pieces are mounted with increasing bizarreness a shark switching on an oven? Russell paces alongside an open moon pool.

The music swells. The camera pushes in on Jackson, who gives the corny dialogue the full weight of his substantial screen presence. He moves on from talking about his own ordeal to deliver a stirring call to action. And right then, chomp! A giant shark leaps out of the pool and grabs him, ripping him apart and saving the characters from having to listen to any more of this pompous speech. It's one of the funniest moments in a movie that consistently treads the line between exciting and ridiculous, and it makes you laugh not just because of the way it undercuts Russell's hokey inspirational monologue, but also because it's a genuine shock from a movie that is often more predictable than clever.

Obviously, a movie about giant, super-intelligent sharks is going to feature those sharks tearing most of the characters apart. But Russell is set up from the beginning like the calm voice of reason, the kind of character who will survive to the end thanks to his wits and resourcefulness.

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The ruthless, calculating Dr. McAlester and Thomas Jane's bad-boy shark wrangler Carter Blake are the real main characters, but Russell makes a strong impression from the moment he shows up, five minutes into the movie, in an impeccably tailored suit and stylish glasses to tell McAlester that he's going to shut down her research because it's a waste of his money.

She convinces him to visit Aquatica and see for himself what his money has been paying for, winning him over with her own harrowing personal story about watching her father struggle with Alzheimer's disease. Later, Russell twice wanders dangerously close to openings to the ocean in different parts of the facility. Just a suggestion," Carter tells him when he walks over to the pool where Aquatica's now-damaged submarine is kept. He's the most pragmatic character in the movie — until he isn't. McAlester's hubris in increasing the brain size of deadly sharks for the sake of her research is obvious, but Russell succumbs to his own brand of hubris, killed by his adherence to disaster-movie conventions.

How do we fix this? She gets eaten by the sharks and L. Cool J is the hero. Everybody likes him, and Thomas Jane. The team did a quick one-day reshoot in the Universal Studios tank.

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The rapper-turned-actor did many of his own stunts, and Harlin said he also complained the least out of all the actors. He had a hard time putting in the contact lenses for the "Deepest Bluest Shark's Fin " music video. No matter how big a shark's brain is, that's not going to change. Graham Chapman, John Cleese, Eric Idle, Terry Jones, Michael Palin, illustrator Terry Gilliam, and director Ian MacNaughton joined forces to create Monty Python's Flying Circus , a show that quickly became one of television's most influential comedy series after making its premiere on October 5, —and remains so to this day, 50 years later.

The first series, Q5 , debuted less than a year before Monty Python's Flying Circus , and made quite an impact. When it came to Python , Terry [Jones] and I were so impressed that we looked for the name of the director on the end credits and hired him. That's how we met Ian MacNaughton. He was also the warm-up comic for the studio audience before the first night of filming.

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The Pythons chose John Philip Sousa's "The Liberty Bell" as played by the Band of the Grenadier Guards as their theme song, largely for financial reasons: Since it was in the public domain, it was free. The giant foot seen in the show's opening credits belongs to Cupid, and comes from Bronzino's painting "An Allegory with Venus and Cupid. According to some unearthed internal memos , BBC1 controller Paul Fox said the troupe went "over the edge of what was acceptable. What would become the "Dead Parrot" sketch originally had Chapman complaining that the car he had just purchased from Palin was literally falling apart, with Palin consistently denying the glaring, mounting evidence.

When writing for the first season of Flying Circus , Cleese and Chapman thought about reviving the basic idea for the sketch, but improving it by giving it a different setting, and casting Cleese as the customer instead of Chapman. When two news stories that had no relation to the other were presented back-to-back on BBC TV and radio broadcasts, the anchor would say "And now for something completely different.


Some, like "Venezuelan Beaver Cheese," were invented. Cleese, who had to be persuaded to continue co-writing and co-starring after its first batch of episodes, wanted to move on before the others did.

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In , Terry Jones was informed by the BBC that, as was standard penny-pinching procedure at the time, the network was about to erase all of the original Monty Python tapes. Gilliam purchased the videotapes before they were erased. It made its American debut on September 22, , in the middle of their final season in England.

The American Broadcasting Company acquired the American rights to the six episodes of season four, which they wanted to run as two minute, late-night specials. When the troupe saw how ABC put together the first special, they filed for an injunction against ABC running the second one. ABC had removed eight minutes of material from the three episodes, including all of the uses of the words "damn," "hell," and "naughty bits" as well as entire characters, and—worst of all—punchlines.

The judge watched both versions, and laughed more at the original British cuts, but ruled in ABC's favor anyway. By the time the U.

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Court of Appeals heard the case in December , the second special had already aired. In a settlement, the rights to those episodes went back to the Pythons, who sold it to PBS. When Guido van Rossum first implemented his programming language Python, he was reading published Flying Circus scripts.

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