Study 1 - Harp

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She is a world expert on 18th and 19th-century harp practice, and gives lectures and master classes in conservatories and universities all over the world.

Harp - Single action pedal (MA)

The goal of this study is to achieve new approach towards classical repertoire of the harp and to master the performance on a historical instrument, Single-action pedal harp. This study demands thorough studies on the method books from the period. To adjust from the double-action harp pedal by learning different performing techniques for the single-action harp is essential. The study will also contribute in comparing diverse publications from important harp repertoires and finally will be achieviing a high standard of performance on the Single-action pedal harp.

Plane ?

Master Study: Single-action pedal Harp (2years)

Backofen Anleitung zum Harfenspielen Etc. Bach, J.

Every participant selects the track appropriate for them:

Quantz, L. Spohr, D.

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  • Master Study: Single-action pedal Harp (2years).
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Solo pieces C. Ph,Bach Solo in G wq.

  1. Tug Mugwart and the Book of Power.
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  3. Curtis Summerfest Harp Colony: 15 harp students, 1 week of intensive master classes.
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  5. Meyer Sonata F. Dizi Grande Sonate L.

    Rosetti Six sonates op. Viotti Sonata M. Marin Sonata op. Concertos W. Boeildieu Concerto in C M.

    Holy: Technical Studies for Harp, Vol. 1 - Vanderbilt Music Company

    Dalvimare Concerto in c-minor D. Billaudot Pozzoli Study no.

    List B — for pedal harp Dussek, O. All Major Scales plus at least 6 harmonic minor scales to be determined throughout the year.

    Relaxing Celtic Music: Harp Music, Peaceful Music, Soothing Music, Calming Music ★85

    List A — for lever or pedal harp Bach, J. Petite Suite United Music Pub.

    Harp - Single action pedal (MA)

    Bach-Grandjany — Etudes No. Tournier, M. Student Handbook Table of Contents. University of Rochester Directory. Community Music School.